Dynamic Content Gallery v3 released

Dynamic Content Gallery screenshot

Dynamic Content Gallery screenshot

After many months of on-and-off testing, bug-fixing and rewriting (real life tends to get in the way of this sort of thing), version 3.0 has finally been released. Many thanks to those users who have used and tested the Release Candidate versions, provided suggestions, feedback and bug reports, and to those who have made donations. Much appreciated! :-)

Where to get the plugin and Resources

For full information about the plugin, including download link, demo, a configuration guide and comprehensive documentation, can be found here:


Version 3.0 introduces many new features: streamlined code, expanded Settings page to handle javascript options, and new options for image file management and populating the gallery.

  • SmoothGallery javascript image gallery using mootools framework, or an alternative jQuery script.
  • A choice of 3 different methods for populating the gallery – Multi Option, One Category or Pages.
  • Up to 15 gallery images (One Category method), 9 gallery images (Multi Option), or unlimited for Pages.
  • Provides for a system of default images which will be displayed in the event a custom field image has not been defined.
  • Displays the Post/Page title and a user-definable description in the Slide Pane.
  • Images can be linked to external URLs.
  • User settings for image file management, CSS and javascript options.
  • Built-in configuration validation checks and error message reporting.
  • Valid xhtml output.
  • WPMU compatible (with some differences in the Settings available to the user).


Please refer to the pages linked to above. If you still need support, post your question on the Support Forum.

Thanks for downloading the plugin. Enjoy!

If you have found the plugin useful, please consider a Donation to help me continue to invest the time and effort in maintaining and improving this plugin. Thank you!


  1. It is amazing. There are a number of feature in v3 . thank you very much for this amazing plugin, wordpress really need this features.

  2. the 2.2 version work on my website, not the 3.0 update and i cant explain why ..
    i tried to follow all the confiuration guide..

    • My forum is down at the moment for maintenance. Should be back up shortly. Post your problem on the forum with your URL and details of your configuration settings and I’ll take a look.

  3. Forum is back in action! :-)

  4. Great job!

  5. Hi there,

    Superb plug in! We are launching our site on Feb 1 and will use your gallery with a Studio Press theme we are modifying. The studio press theme suggests use of the Featured Content Gallery but it does not work in WP MU. Your plugin is very well featured and we intend on supporting your efforts with a donation.

    I have 2 questions .. perhaps feature requests.

    1) Is it possible to set up a default image so if someone forgets to add an image (dfcg-image) the default image will always show up. Eventually we will have up to 10 posts a day. Its easy to imagine a copy-editor forgetting to add an image.

    2) Currently, you only offer 3 options for the default description. It would be nice if there was an option to use the first 25 words of the article. This would save a step in posting. Is there a way to do this? This is standard in the Featured Content Gallery plugin.

    Thanking you in advance and again .. great job!



    • Gil,

      Glad you like the plugin. :-)

      Please post support questions on the forum. (It’s easier for me to manage, and easier for other users to find answers. Thanks.)

      In answer to your questions:

      1. Yes, plugin provides for default images. Please see the Configuration Guide for more details.

      2. This is on my “to do” list. :-)

      • Hey Ade,

        Thanks for your reply. However, your config guide says that feature is not supported in MU. That’s what we are using.

        Will use your forums hence forth!



        • Gil,

          Sorry I missed that you’re using WPMU! You’re quite right, no default images in the MU version.

          However, your question has got me thinking about this. In the WP version, users are required to upload images, usually outside of the normal uploads folder structure – a capability that Mu blog Admins (as opposed to Mu Site Admin) don’t have. I suppose I could provide a functionality within the plugin to allow Mu Blog Admins to upload default images via the Media Uploader, and then designate these as default images. It will need a re-code of parts of the plugin code in some areas, but it is do-able and would probably be a desirable feature. I’ll add it to my “to do” list. :-)

          Thanks for the feedback. :-)

        • Gil,

          A question (because I’m keen to enhance the usefulness of this plugin to WPMU users):

          How would you envisage default images working in a WPMU scenario? This is what I’m thinking:

          The DCG has three “gallery methods” – one category, multi option, pages. It would be possible to allow a single default image for one category and pages, and a default image for each image slot in multi option. The images can be uploaded va the Media Uploader, then the full URL to each image pasted into new options in the DCG Settings page.

          Actually, this could be a way of doing away with the existing default image system for WP use, too. In many ways I would like to remove the existing functionality difference between use in WP and WPMU. Coming up with a solution which would suit both WPMU and WP users would be ideal for me.

          Would the above suggestion work for you?

          Thanks! :-)

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