How to use Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin

This article contains a bunch of tips and tricks for working with Genesis Connect for WooCommerce, and shows you how to create and customise your own shop templates to help you make awesome Genesis-powered e-commerce sites.

WordPress – List all image sizes in Media Uploader

Ducati image

A handy code snippet to show how to use the new WordPress 3.3 image_size_names_choose filter to display all image sizes (ie those created by add_image_size() as well as the default image sizes) in the Media Uploader.

WordPress Featured Images – add_image_size() resizing and cropping demo

Ducati image

An overview of WordPress image handling, default Media sizes, WP Post Thumbnails and Featured Images, and how to use the_post_thumbnail() and add_image_size() functions to create and display additional image sizes.

Customising the_excerpt


How to add “read more” links and change the length of the text generated by the_excerpt() Wordpress function. Examples for both Auto and Manual excerpts.

Limiting WordPress Post Revisions

Studiograsshopper code snippet

How to limit the number of Post Revisions automatically saved by Wordpress, or suppress them altogether, together with how to delete existing Post Revisions from the Wordpress database.