Dynamic Content Gallery FAQ

This is the FAQ for the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin for WordPress. Links to other resources for this plugin can be found in the menu in the sidebar.

Current version of the plugin is: 3.3.6

The FAQ provides troubleshooting tips and configuration hints to help you get the best out of the plugin. Please read through these before asking your question on the Support Forum, as the answer you seek may already be here.

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    I love your plugin! Can I make a donation?

    That would be lovely and much appreciated! Thank you!

    The development, maintenance and support of this plugin represents hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time. Positive feedback and referrals are always much appreciated, but a donation really helps me to devote the time necessary to continually improve the code and functionality, and respond to changes in WordPress core. If every person who downloaded the plugin donated even $5 each - I wouldn't be rich, but I would at least have the resources necessary to maintain the current level of investment of my time and energy.

    A donation link can be found in the plugin's Settings page. Thank you! :-)

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    Help! I'm completely confused and lost. Where do I start?

    I agree, the Settings page can look a little daunting, so check out the Dynamic Content Gallery Configuration Guide to help you through the initial set up step by step.

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    In which template file should I place the <?php dynamic_content_gallery(); ?> code?

    The answer depends on (a) the structure of your theme and (b) where you want to show the gallery on your site. Firstly, make sure you have a basic understanding of the WordPress Template Hierarchy. This determines which template file is used to display which type of page (home page, category archive, single posts, etc).

    Generally speaking, most people will want to display the DCG on their home page. In many "magazine-style" themes, the home page is often generated by home.php and, if this is the case, the answer is simple - place the code in home.php where you want the gallery to appear.

    For those themes that do not use a home.php template, in all likelihood your homepage is generated by index.php. However, if index.php is also used to display other pages on your site (refer to the Template Hierarchy to see in which circumstances it could be used for non-homepage pages), you will need to find a way to restrict the DCG so that it only appears when the user is visiting your home page. Luckily, there are a couple of techniques we can use to deal with this...

    Create a home.php

    Simply make a copy of your existing index.php and rename the copy home.php. Add the DCG code to your new home.php file. This is the simplest way.

    Use Conditional Tags

    Add the DCG code to index.php and use Conditional Tags to only allow the DCG to be displayed when the home page is being viewed, like so:

    <?php if( is_home() ) {

    But I'm using a Static Front Page!

    No problem. Using Conditional Tags you can add the DCG code to your page.php using the following:

    <?php if( is_front_page() ) {

    But I'm using a Static Front Page based on a Page Template!

    Again, no problem. If your Page Template is only being used for this Static Front Page, simply insert the DCG code in the appropriate place in your Page Template file.

    If your Page Template is used for your Static Front Page and some other pages on your site, and you only want to show the DCG on your Front Page, add the DCG code to your Page Template using Conditional Tags like so:

    <?php if( is_front_page() ) {

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    What's the difference between FULL and PARTIAL URL? I'm confused!

    FULL URL means you must enter the full image URL in the Write Post/Page DCG Metabox Image URL field, including the http:// part.

    PARTIAL URL means you can enter a different form of URL (without the http:// and domain name) in the Write Post/Page DCG Metabox Image URL field.

    Need more help with understanding the Image File Management Settings? A full guide to this Setting can be found in the Configuration Guide.
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    Multisite - Does it work with Network enabled WP (ie Multisite)?

    Yes! Version 3.0 works with WP Multisite.

    However, there are some differences in features, the following not available when installed on WPMU:

    • Image File Management options
    • Default images

    Note that when used in WPMU all Write Post/Page DCG Metabox Image URLs must use the Full URL to the image, eg http://www.yourdomain.com/folder/anotherfolder/myimage.jpg. See Docs - Uploading your images for how to upload images to your blog using the WP Media Uploader.

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    Multisite - Some of my blogs are getting a fatal error!

    This is probably because you have added the DCG template tag to the relevant theme template file, but haven't activated the plugin on all sites (perhaps intentionally). If you use the DCG template tag "as is", blogs that don't have the plugin activated will get a fatal error.

    The fix: When adding the DCG template tag to the template file, use this code:

    if( function_exists( 'dynamic_content_gallery' ) ) :

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    Multisite - Where are the Settings for Default images?

    There aren't any. The Default images option is disabled when the DCG is installed on WPMU.

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    Help! I see this message on my site where the gallery should be: Dynamic Content Gallery Error: View page source for details.

    This means you have a configuration error in your setup of the DCG.

    If you haven't already, go to the plugin's Settings Page and see if you have any red error messages at the top of the Settings page. If you do, follow the message's instructions to fix the error.

    If any Settings page error message shave been cleared, turn on Error Messages in the Settings page. This will print any error messages as HTML comments in the Source of the page which displays the gallery.

    View the Page Source for details of the Error Message and refer to the Dynamic Content Gallery Error Messages page for information on how to fix the error.

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    My gallery displays a black screen and loading bar. Help!

    This means one of two things. Either the plugin has not been set up properly or there is a conflict with another plugin.

    Generally, if you have a black box and no carousel (assuming you are using the mootools Javascript Framework option), this is a good indicator that there is a plugin conflict. If you can see the carousel, this generally means a configuration error or the Custom Field or default image URLs are wrong.

    Troubleshooting the plugin setup (carousel is visible)

    • Check that there are no red Warning messages displayed at the top of the plugin's Settings page. If there are, follow their instructions and complete the missing information in the plugin's Settings Page.
    • Turn on Error Messages in the Settings page and view the Page Source of the webpage that displays the gallery. Look for any Error Messages shown as HTML comments in the gallery markup. If there are any, refer to the Dynamic Content Gallery Error Messages page to find out how to fix the reported error.
    • Check that the URLs entered in the Write Post/Page DCG Metabox Image URL fields are correct. In particular, check the entry for the first image as the gallery will not work if it can't find the first image.
    • Check the URL entered in the Image File Management settings. This tip only applies if you have selected the Partial URL in the Image File Management settings.
    • Many clues can be found in the Page Source - study the gallery markup and check that the image URLs are correct.

    Plugin conflicts (carousel is not visible)

    If none of the above gets the DCG working, it is very likely that you have a conflict with another plugin.

    First, try switching to the jQuery Javascript Framework in the Settings Page. If the gallery now works, you definitely have a plugin conflict between mootools and another javascript-based plugin.

    If you prefer to use the mootools Javascript Framework, you will need to identify the conflicting plugin. Disable ALL your other plugins and see if the gallery works. If disabling all your other plugins results in the DCG working, activate each plugin one by one until you find the culprit. Unfortunately, plugin conflicts are nigh on impossible to resolve, which means you will have to make a choice between the DCG or the conflicting plugin, or switch to using the jQuery Javascript Framework if you must have both plugins working together.

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    My images display in one long column down the page!

    This means that the necessary javascript has not been loaded into the header of the page.

    • Check that you have correctly configured the Restrict script loading options in the DCG Settings page.
    • If the Restrict script loading options are correct, and the gallery still displays as a column of images, check that you have this code in your theme's header.php file:
      <?php wp_head(); ?>
      If your theme doesn't have this code, add it to your theme's header.php file just before the closing HEAD tag.
    Need more help with understanding the Restrict Scripts Setting? A full guide to this Setting can be found in the Configuration Guide.
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    My gallery seems slow to load. Why?

    There are several factors which affect page loading time, not least being the amount of other content, media files, images etc you have on your page.

    However, here are a couple of tips to help optimise the loading time of the gallery:

    • Make your images the same size as your chosen gallery dimensions.
    • Optimise your images for the web in your image editor, using the highest jpeg compression you can get away with without compromising the image quality.
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    I use dropdown menus on my site and the dropdowns disappear behind the gallery. How do I fix this?

    Assuming you are using the suckerfish menu, or one of its many derivatives, you need to add z-index properties to the CSS styles for your menu. Each menu is different in terms of the naming of the CSS IDs and Classes, so I can only offer general advice.

    Generally speaking, a suckerfish-type horizontal menu will be structured something like this, although your ID or Class names may be different (view the Source of your page to see what I'm talking about):
    <div id="navmenubar">
    <ul id="navmenu">
    <li>Menu Item 1</li>
    <li>Menu Item 2
    <li>Menu Child 1</li>
    <li>Menu Child 2</li>
    <li>Menu Child 3</li>
    <li>Menu Child 4</li>
    <li>Menu Item 3</li>

    In your theme's stylesheet (or the menu stylesheet if it is a separate file) find the styles for the equivalent of #navmenu li li and add the following code:

    position: relative;
    z-index: 10;

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    The thumbnails in the carousel are crops and haven't been resized. Why?

    Although the SmoothGallery script that the Dynamic Content Gallery is based on does allow for automatic generation of resized thumbnails, the configuration of the plugin is such that resizing cannot be done.

    The carousel simply shows crops from the original image.

    Should users feel that a future version of the plugin should incorporate resized thumbnails, please contact me and let me know!

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    The thumbnails wobble when I open the carousel!

    This problem is very rare (I've seen it once) and occurs if there is a CSS conflict with your theme's stylesheet.

    Open up your theme's stylesheet and look for a CSS selector called .thumbnail. Comment out this style and see if the carousel thumbnails have stopped wobbling. If they have, then you have found the problem. To fix this, rename the .thumbnail class in your stylesheet and make the relevant changes to your template file markup.

    I agree, this isn't ideal. However, there is really no other option. As mentioned above, I have only had one report of this issue in 10,000+ downloads...

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    When I resize my browser window (IE6 or IE7) the gallery position shifts on the page. How do I fix it?

    A little bit of CSS magic should do the trick. Simply add position:relative; to the wrap or wrapper div of your site in your style.css file. The "wrap" or "wrapper" div (it may have a different name, depending on which theme you are using) is the container for your site immediately inside the BODY tag.

    In the majority of cases, adding position:relative; to the CSS properties of this div will fix the problem, and the gallery will maintain it's position in the browser window.

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    I can't get the Dynamic Content Gallery to work with Thesis Theme!

    This article shows you how you can get the DCG to work in Thesis:


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    Can I mix Posts and Pages in the gallery?

    Yes. Use the ID Method of populating the gallery and enter the ID's of the relevant Posts and Pages in the appropriate box in the DCG Settings page.

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    I'm using the "ID Method" Gallery Method but I want to change the order in which the images appear in the gallery. How?

    Since version 3.2 and the introduction of the Write Post/Page DCG Metabox, there is now an option for applying a Sort Order to each post/Page which will appear in the gallery.

    Open up the relevant post/Page (eg the Write Page screen) and enter a number in the Sort Order field in the DCG Metabox. This works much in the same way as WordPress allows you to re-order Pages in menus, etc.

    Enter digits like this: 01, 02, 03, 04, etc

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    Can I have more than one gallery on my site?

    Yes and no...

    Yes, you can display the gallery on more than one page. No, you can't display different images in these galleries.

    If you want to run the DCG on more than one page, select Other in the Restrict script loading Settings.

    Multiple instances of the DCG is a common request from users. The trouble is, it's a devil of a job to set it up to work properly in the majority of likely use cases. At the moment, I'm waiting for the release of WP 2.9 which is supposed to bring significant changes to media handling in WordPress. This may well simplify the work I need to do. If it does, multiple instances capability will be re-considered.

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    Load Scripts options - can I specify template files other than Page Templates?

    Such as archive.php, index.php, category.php? The short answer is no.

    The plugin's Load Scripts options provide settings for the Home page, Page Templates, or Other (Other being all pages) only.

    Generally speaking, a plugin like the DCG is best suited for use on a site's home page - it is designed to show off your featured content, after all. Whilst there is no reason why you can't display it in other theme files such as archive.php or category.php, you cannot specify this and you will have to select Other in the Load Scripts options.

    Need more help with understanding the Load Scripts options? A full guide to this Setting can be found in the Configuration Guide.
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    Load Scripts options - can I specify more than one Page Template?

    Yes, you can.

    Go to Load Scripts options in the plugin's Settings page, and enter your Page Template filenames in a comma separated list, like this:


    The plugin's scripts will then be loaded into the header whenever either of these two Page Templates are viewed.

    Need more help with understanding the Load Scripts option? A full guide to this Setting can be found in the Configuration Guide.
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    Can you install the plugin and configure it for me?

    Yes, I can. An installation and setup service is available for the price of USD 25.00 payable via Paypal.

    To take advantage of this service, please register on this site and send me a PM via the Support Forum with details of an admin login and password and your FTP credentials. As soon as I have received notification of payment via Paypal (see link in sidebar), I shall install and setup the plugin on your site.

    Please note: this service does not include any customisation of the plugin or your theme files - other than inserting the code necessary to display the plugin and configure the Settings page.

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    I'm using a Studiopress theme and I want to replace the Featured Content Gallery with the Dynamic Content Gallery. How?

    At the time of writing this (27 December 2009), a number of Studiopress themes are supplied with the code used to display the Featured Content Gallery plugin in their home.php template.

    In order to replace this code and use the Dynamic Content Gallery instead, edit home.php as follows:

    • Replace this code:
      <?php // Check for the 'gallery_styles' function. if it's there, then include it. If not, do nothing ?>
      <?php if (function_exists('gallery_styles')) : ?>

      with this:
      <?php // Check for the DCG function. if it's there, then include it. If not, do nothing ?>
      <?php if (function_exists('dynamic_content_gallery')) : ?>
    • And replace this:
      <?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery.php'); ?>
      with this:
      <?php dynamic_content_gallery(); ?>

    You also need to deactivate the Featured Content Gallery in Dashboard>Plugins.

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    Adding WP Post Thumbnail support to your theme.

    Version 3.3 of the DCG uses WP's Post Thumbnail feature for creating the thumbnails shown in the gallery's Carousel. If your theme doesn't support the Post Thumbnail feature (if it doesn't, you will see a warning message at the top of the DCG's Settings page), simply add this code to your theme's functions.php:


    Make sure you place this above any closing PHP tag which may be at the bottom of your functions.php file.