Dynamic Content Gallery v3.1 released

Dynamic Content Gallery screenshot

Dynamic Content Gallery screenshot

I’m pleased to announce a new version (3.1) of the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin for WordPress and WPMU.

New features and some bug-fixes

With such a major code re-write to create version 3.0, it’s not surprising that a few bugs escaped the net. None of these were serious, but could cause issues in certain situations. Therefore you are encouraged to upgrade to 3.1.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to add some additional long-planned functionality with two new features:

  • A new Auto option for the Slide Pane Description. This automatically pulls text from your existing Post/Page content.
  • The Category default images folder can now be outside wp-content folder.

Where to get the plugin and Resources

For full information about the plugin, including download link, demo, a configuration guide and comprehensive documentation, can be found here:


  • NEW in 3.1 – Auto option for the Slide Pane Description – automatically pulls text from your Post/Page content.
  • NEW in 3.1 – Category default images folder can now be outside wp-content folder.
  • SmoothGallery javascript image gallery using mootools framework, or an alternative jQuery script.
  • A choice of 3 different methods for populating the gallery – Multi Option, One Category or Pages.
  • Up to 15 gallery images (One Category method), 9 gallery images (Multi Option), or unlimited for Pages.
  • Provides for a system of default images which will be displayed in the event a custom field image has not been defined.
  • Displays the Post/Page title and a user-definable description in the Slide Pane.
  • Images can be linked to external URLs.
  • User settings for image file management, CSS and javascript options.
  • Built-in configuration validation checks and error message reporting.
  • Valid xhtml output.
  • WPMU compatible (with some differences in the Settings available to the user).


Please refer to the pages linked to above. If you still need support, post your question on the Support Forum.

Thanks for downloading the plugin. Enjoy!

If you have found the plugin useful, please consider a Donation to help me continue to invest the time and effort in maintaining and improving this plugin. Thank you!


  1. Gil Namur says:

    Thank you for this upgrade Ade!

    Its fantastic and works like a charm!

    Well done!

  2. Hi,

    Great work but could you add the ability to select posts by dropdown when using Multi Option? I’m currently using D13slideshow because it does this, but I prefer the look of Dynamic Content Gallery. I would switch in a heartbeat if you added this, as having to manually id posts is a pain. I know you can automate from categories but I am very selective on what posts I feature on my home page. I have a mixture of categories old and new.

    • Hi CJ,

      Do you mean by Post Title, ie each dropdown in Multi-Option will display the titles?

      • Hi Ade,

        I’ve included a screenshot of how manual post selection works in D13slideshow – http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v329/cbbbb/d13dropdown.jpg

        Basically the dropdown lists all your post/pages for you to select from. So where it says “Post Select” in Multi-Option it would have a dropdown choice instead of the 1,2,3 etc choice currently. Or maybe as an alternative means? Download the D13 plugin to see what I mean if I’m not being clear enough.



        • CJ,

          Ok, thanks, understood.

          The biggest drawback with this approach is that the dropdowns get huge if the site has a lot of Pages/Posts. I’ll give it some thought. Thanks!


          • I agree, it’s not ideal for sites with loads of posts, but it would be more for smaller sites. Perhaps you could offer a this as a new “Gallery Method” rather than adapting current selection. I’m not sure how much work this would be, but thanks for considering it.

      • @ CJ,

        That’s an interesting idea. I’ll give it some thought.

        Thanks again for the feedback. It’s always useful for me to hear from users – helps me to improve the plugin.


  3. sitemail says:

    Hallo! What is a name girl of you features articles? 🙂 nice!

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