Dynamic Content Gallery Changelog

This is the Changelog for the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin for WordPress. Links to other resources for this plugin can be found in the menu in the sidebar.

Current version of the plugin is: 3.3.6

The Changelog lists the changes introduced in each version of the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin for WordPress.

Changes are categorised as follows:
Bug fix: means that something was broken and has been fixed
Enhance: means code has been improved either for better optimisation, code organisation, or compatibility with wider use cases
Feature: means new user functionality has been added


  • Released 27 June 2013
  • Bug fix: Fixes error with DCG metabox save nonce
  • Enhance: Remove inline font-size from textareas/input fields in DCG Metabox


  • Readme.txt updated 23 March 2013
  • Released 4 December 2010
  • Bug fix: Fixes HTML markup error in dfcg-admin-metaboxes.php (missing tag in External Link block)


  • Released 1 December 2010
  • Feature: Gallery background colour option added
  • Feature: on/off option for Slide Pane animation added to jQuery script (v2.6)
  • Enhance: Tidied up DCG Metabox markup and contents
  • Bug fix: jQuery script conflict with Adblock browser add-on fixed (v2.7)
  • Bug fix: jQuery script vertical image alignment with small images fixed (v2.7.5)
  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP warning re undefined $cat_selected variable in dfcg-gallery-constructors-jq-smooth.php


  • Released 7 November 2010
  • Bug fix: Upgraded jQuery script to v2.5 to fix IE img alignment, and non-linking img when showArrows is off
  • Bug fix: Added z-index:1; to #dfcg-fullsize selector in dfcg-gallery-jquery-smooth-styles.php
  • Bug fix: Fixed slide pane padding issue in #dfcg-text selector in dfcg-gallery-jquery-smooth-styles.php
  • Bug fix: Fixed IE img link disappearing. Changed CSS in #dfcg-imglink in dfcg-gallery-jquery-smooth-styles.php


  • Released 21 September 2010
  • Feature: Added showArrows checkbox for mootools and jQuery, navigation arrows now optional from within Settings
  • Bug fix: Fixed URL error to loading-bar-black.gif
  • Bug fix: Fixed Slide Pane options errors / hidden fields in dfcg-admin-ui-functions.php


  • Released 15 September 2010
  • Bug fix: Fixed options handling of new 3.3 options in dfcg-admin-core.php and dfcg-admin-ui-screen.php


  • Released 14 September 2010
  • Feature: Support for Custom Post Types added
  • Feature: New Auto Image Management option - pulls in Post/Page Image Attachment
  • Feature: Carousel thumbnails now generated using WP Post Thumbnails feature
  • Feature: New jQuery script, replaces galleryview script. Plays nicer with jQuery 1.4.2 used by WP3.0
  • Feature: Gallery images and thumbnails can now be automatically populated by post image attachments
  • Feature: Mootools js updated to use Mootools 1.2.4
  • Enhance: Constructor functions cleaned up and improved
  • Enhance: Pages method now called ID Method (as both Post and Page ID's can be specified)
  • Enhance: dfcg_pages_method_gallery() renamed to dfcg_id_method_gallery()
  • Enhance: dfcg_jq_pages_method_gallery() renamed to dfcg_jq_id_method_gallery()
  • Enhance: DCG Metabox visible in both Write Posts and Write Pages, if ID Method is selected
  • Enhance: New tabbed interface for the DCG Settings Page
  • Enhance: Tooltips added to DCG Settings Page to declutter the interface
  • Enhance: Contextual help now moved to DCG Settings Page Help tab. dfcg-admin-ui-help.php deprecated.
  • Enhance: Cleaned up interface text strings, re-worded some strings to make info more understandable
  • Bug fix: Removed unnecessary noConflict() call in dfcg_jquery_scripts() function
  • Bug fix: Fixed html entities encoding for alt attribute in ID Method contructors (formerly Pages method). Props: Joe Veler.


  • Released 11 April 2010
  • Bug fix: Fixes contextual help compatibility issue with WP3.0


  • Released 08 February 2010
  • Feature: DCG Widget added
  • Enhance: Updated dfcg_ui_1_image_wp() info re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated dfcg_ui_multi_wp() info re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated dfcg_ui_onecat_wp() info re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated dfcg_ui_pages_wp() info re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated dfcg_ui_defdesc() info re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated dfcg_ui_columns() info re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated dfcg_ui_create_wpmu() info re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated contextual help text in dfcg_admin_help_content() re DCG Metabox
  • Enhance: Updated Error Message text in dfcg_errors() re DCG Metabox
  • Bug fix: Added conditional tags to add_action, add_filter hooks in main plugin file


  • Released 03 February 2010
  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP warning on undefined index when _dfcg-exclude is unchecked
  • Bug fix: Fixed missing arg error in dfcg_add_metabox() (in dfcg-admin-metaboxes.php)
  • Bug fix: Fixed metabox error of adding extra http:// when using Partial URL settings (dfcg-admin-metaboxes.php)
  • Bug fix: Added sanitisation routine to dfcg_save_metabox_data() to remove leading slash when using Partial URL setting
  • Bug fix: Increased sanitisation cat01 etc char limit to 6 chars to avoid problems with large cat IDs


  • Released 31 January 2010
  • Feature: Added custom sort order option for Pages Method using _dfcg-sort custom field
  • Feature: Added "no description" option for the Slide Pane
  • Feature: Manual description now displays Auto description if _dfcg-desc, category description and default description don't exist
  • Feature: Added Metabox to Post/Page Editor screen to handle custom fields
  • Feature: Added _dfcg-exclude postmeta to allow specific exclusion of a post from multi-option or one-category output
  • Feature: Added postmeta upgrade routine to convert dfcg- custom fields to _dfcg-
  • Enhance: Added text-align left to h2 in jd.gallery.css for wider theme compatibility
  • Enhance: Updated inline docs
  • Enhance: $dfcg_load_textdomain() moved to dfcg-admin-core.php
  • Enhance: $dfcg_errorimgurl variable deprecated in favour of DFCG_ERRORIMGURL constant
  • Enhance: New function dfcg_query_list() for handling multi-option cat/off pairs, in dfcg-gallery-core.php
  • Enhance: Function dfcg_admin_notices() renamed to dfcg_admin_notice_reset()
  • Enhance: Tidied up Error Message markup and reorganised dfcg-gallery-errors.php, with new functions
  • Enhance: Renamed function dfcg_add_page() now dfcg_add_to_options_menu()
  • Enhance: jd.gallery.css modified to remove open.gif (looked rubbish in IE and not much better in FF)
  • Enhance: Moved Admin CSS to external stylesheet and added dfcg_loadjs_admin_head() function hooked to admin_print_scripts_$plugin
  • Bug fix: Fixed non-fatal wp_errors in dfcg-gallery-errors.php
  • Bug fix: Corrected path error for .mo files in load_textdomain() in plugin main file
  • Bug fix: Fixed Settings Page Donate broken link
  • Bug fix: Increased sanitisation cat-display limit to 4 characters
  • Bug fix: Increased sanitisation Carousel text limit to 50 characters
  • Bug fix: Removed unneeded call to dfcg_load_textdomain() in dfcg_add_to_options_menu()
  • Bug fix: Mootools jd.gallery.js - increased thumbIdleOpacity to 0.4 for improved carousel visuals in IE


  • Released 28 December 2009
  • Feature: Added auto Description using custom $content excerpt + 7 options
  • Enhance: dfcg_baseimgurl() moved to dfcg-gallery-core.php, and added conditional check on loading jq or mootools constructors
  • Enhance: Tidied up Settings text for easier gettext translation
  • Enhance: Tidied up Settings page CSS
  • Bug fix: Fixed "Key Settings" display error when Restrict Scripts is set to Home page only ("home" was used incorrectly instead of "homepage").
  • Bug fix: Fixed whitelist option error for WPMU in dfcg-admin-ui-sanitise.php
  • Bug fix: Category default images folder can now be outside wp-content folder


  • Released 7 December 2009
  • Feature: Added alternative jQuery gallery script and new associated options
  • Feature: Added WP version check to Plugins screen. DCG now requires WP 2.8+
  • Feature: Added contextual help to Settings Page
  • Feature: Added plugin meta links to Plugins main admin page
  • Feature: Added external link capability using dfcg-link custom field
  • Feature: Added form validation + reminder messages to Settings page
  • Feature: Added Error messages to help users troubleshoot setup problems
  • Feature: Re-designed layout of Settings page, added Category selection dropdowns etc
  • Feature: New Javascript gallery options added to Settings page
  • Feature: Added "populate-method" Settings. User can now pick between 3: old way (called Multi Option), One category, or Pages.
  • Feature: Added Settings for limiting loading of scripts into head. New functions to handle this.
  • Feature: Added Full and Partial URL Settings to simplify location of images and be more suitable for "unusual" WP setups.
  • Feature: Added Padding Settings for Slide Pane Heading and Description
  • Bug fix: Complete re-write of code and file organisation for more efficient coding
  • Bug fix: Changed $options variable name to $dfcg_options to avoid conflicts with other plugins.
  • Bug fix: Improved data sanitisation


  • Released 5 December 2008
  • Feature: Added template tag function for theme files
  • Feature: Added "disable mootools" checkbox in Settings to avoid js framework being loaded twice if another plugin uses mootools.
  • Feature: Changed options page CSS to better match with 2.7 look
  • Bug fix: Changed handling of WP constants - now works as intended
  • Bug fix: Removed activation_hook, not needed
  • Bug fix: Fixed loading flicker with CSS change => dynamic-gallery.php
  • Bug fix: Fixed error if selected post doesn't exist => dynamic-gallery.php
  • Bug fix: Fixed XHTML validation error with user-defined styles/CSS moved to head with new file dfcg-user-styles.php for the output of user definable CSS


  • Released 7 November 2008
  • Bug fix: Issue with path to scripts due to WP.org zip file naming convention.

2.0 beta

  • Released 5 November 2008
  • Feature: Major code rewrite and reorganisation of functions
  • Feature: Added WPMU support
  • Feature: Added RESET checkbox to reset options to defaults
  • Feature: Added Gallery CSS options in the Settings page


  • Public release 1 September 2008


  • Released 26 August 2008
  • Activation and reactivation hooks added to code to setup some default Options on Activation and to remove Options from the WP database on deactivation.


  • Beta testing release 25 August 2008