Dynamic Content Gallery v3.3.4 released

Dynamic Content Gallery screenshot
Version 3.3.4 fixes a couple of bugs with the jQuery script and, as a bonus, adds a couple of new user options in the DCG Settings page.

Hopefully (fingers, toes, arms and everything else crossed), version 2.7.5 of the jQuery script fixes the irritating image alignment issue caused by a conflict with the Adblock browser add-on for Safari and Chrome. Additionally, the new v2.7.5 jQuery script fixes a vertical image alignment issue, and now centers the images vertically within the gallery in the event the image height is less than the gallery height setting. In other words, it should now behave like the Mootools script in this regard.

As well as these bug fixes, the new version of the DCG also adds two new user options to the DCG Settings:

  • Option to not animate the Slide Pane (jQuery only)
  • Option to change the gallery background colour (jQuery and Mootools).

Additionally, I’ve taken this opportunity to tart up the DCG Metabox styles so that they look rather more spiffing than they did before!

PS: Don’t get confused about version numbers – I version control the javascripts as well as the plugin itself – the new version number of the DCG is 3.3.4.

Version 3.3.4 Information

Download latest version from the Dynamic Content Gallery page on WordPress.org.


  • Plugin version: 3.3.4
  • Requires WordPress version: 3.0
  • Tested up to WordPress version: 3.0.2


  • Released: 1 December 2010
  • Feature: Gallery background colour option added
  • Feature: on/off option for Slide Pane animation added to jQuery script (v2.6)
  • Enhance: Tidied up DCG Metabox markup and contents
  • Bug fix: jQuery script conflict with Adblock browser add-on fixed (v2.7)
  • Bug fix: jQuery script vertical image alignment with small images fixed (v2.7.5)
  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP warning re undefined $cat_selected variable in dfcg-gallery-constructors-jq-smooth.php


And finally…

Many thanks once again to those users who posted useful feedback on the support forum and helped me track down these issues – especially to those who perservered and helped identify the Adblock conflict. Thanks! :-)


  1. hmmm… get an error, zip file not available…

  2. Sorry – the URL is http://sandal-woodwblog.com – had a true Senior Moment :)

  3. Download link working again – probably a busy server. Thanks!

  4. Do you have a mirror site to download the latest version of this plugin? The current download link in the WP Repository is broken.

    • James,

      See above – I think there was a problem with the WordPress servers yesterday, thanks to the extra traffic from the WP 3.0.2 release.

      Hopefully you are now able to upgrade.

  5. Dynamic Content Gallery is a great (visual candy) plug-in for WP. Thanks!

    (Update on download at 1pm EST – still “404 File not found “)

    • Thanks! Glad you like the plugin. :-)

      Try downloading the zip rather than auto update. I find the download is working about 50% of the time… :-(

      • Any way you can place the download directly within your studiograsshopper forum?

        • No, not possible.

          But the WordPress server issue has been fixed. You should be able to download / auto upgrade without problems now.

      • Kristijan says:

        just to add, not sure if it is important to know but, at the time I was downloading also few other plug-ins and link worked fine for them.

        • It was definitely a problem with the WP servers. Lots of plugins were affected, not just mine.

          Anyway, it’s all working properly again now. :-)

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