Admin Drop Down Menus Plugin is here!

Warning! This plugin has been retired. In view of the significant changes to the Dashboard introduced in WordPress 2.7, this plugin is no longer being developed and should not be used with WordPress 2.7+.
The information contained in this page is retained for reference purposes and for those users who are still using WP versions lower than 2.7.

Avid fans of the WordPress plugins created by Andy Staines of will know that Andy recently announced his intention to stop development of his various other plugins, in order to concentrate all his efforts on his wonderful Simple:Press Forum plugin.

But that doesn’t mean the end, because I am pleased to announce that, with Andy’s blessing and good wishes, the well-known and much-loved Admin Drop Down Menus plugin now has its new OFFICIAL home, here at Studiograsshopper!

I have been a long-time fan of this excellent plugin – using the WordPress Dashboard without it is unthinkable to me – so I am delighted to be giving it a new home, a little TLC and, depending on how the forthcoming WordPress 2.7 looks to be shaping up, even some further development. Well, that’s for the future…


The plugin continues to be offered in 2 flavours. For downloads, installation and usage instructions:


The Admin Drop Down Menus FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions concerning installation and troubleshooting.

You are welcome to visit the dedicated support forum in case you still have questions or problems with the plugin. Registration is required but only takes a minute and doesn’t require any personal info apart from your email address.

Please do not leave comments here asking for support – that’s what the forum is for. Thank you!


  1. Great job! Thank you so much!

  2. I don’t know if this plugin will be useful when WP2.7 will be out but it’s a great idea to make it lives. It’s a real good plugin.

  3. great, thanks for the job and time to implement this !

  4. @ Paulo


    Yes, you are right – the new Admin interface for WP2.7 will probably make this plugin redundant. In the meantime, enjoy! :-)

  5. 12/11


    I hope that you will fix the admin drop down menus plugin to use the blank space on the left where the 2.7 version dashboard sits. 2.6.5 was really a users dream IMO. Almost everything where it was on one screen and with the drop down menus a piece of cake to navigate.

    As far as I am concerned 2.7 is a step backward in usablility. IMO WP is moving toward the day when it will no longer be free or easy to modify.

  6. Marshall,

    Thanks for your comment.

    At the moment I’ve held off modifying the plugin to work with 2.7 mainly because, in my view, the new dashboard makes the plugin redundant. Incidentally, if you “minimise” the dashboard main menu column the sub-menus then fly-out and all items become accessible within one click, so I’m not sure what additional functionality the plugin can provide under 2.7. Anyway, I hear you loud and clear and will give it some thought.

  7. thanks for this plugin..

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