WordPress – List all image sizes in Media Uploader

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A handy code snippet to show how to use the new WordPress 3.3 image_size_names_choose filter to display all image sizes (ie those created by add_image_size() as well as the default image sizes) in the Media Uploader.

Remove WordPress default media image sizes

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A follow up to my add_image_size() demo article, showing you how to stop WordPress from automatically creating all or any of the default image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large) during the media upload process.

WordPress $current_screen variable for admin screens

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The $current_screen global variable contains information useful for plugin and theme authors to find out which WordPress file is generating the current admin screen. This article gives an overview of the $current_screen variable and how to access it.

WordPress Featured Images – add_image_size() resizing and cropping demo

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An overview of WordPress image handling, default Media sizes, WP Post Thumbnails and Featured Images, and how to use the_post_thumbnail() and add_image_size() functions to create and display additional image sizes.