Serial Posts plugin coming soon

This post is out of date. For current information regarding the Serial Posts plugin, download link, installation and configuration, please visit the Serial Posts home page.

Hot news! I’ve put together a new little plugin that creates a list of posts belonging to a series. By assigning a Custom Field key to posts which belong to a series, the plugin checks to see if, when displaying the post, it belongs to a series and, if so, displays a list of all other posts in the same series.

This saves having to waste time manually adding links to “Serial” posts. Of course, its use is not limited to Serials, and can be used for creating any type of “related posts” or other post groupings that you desire.

Very easy to setup and configure.

The plugin will be hosted on WordPress Extend and will be available shortly.


  1. Ade – I’m looking forward to using this plugin…sounds perfect for my author’s pages! Way cool, as us Americans say!

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