Admin Drop Down Menus for WP 2.5+ updated

Warning! This plugin has been retired. In view of the significant changes to the Dashboard introduced in WordPress 2.7, this plugin is no longer being developed and should not be used with WordPress 2.7+.
The information contained in this page is retained for reference purposes and for those users who are still using WP versions lower than 2.7.

I’m pleased to announce that the Admin Drop Down Menus plugin for WordPress 2.5+ has been updated. The update makes no change to the existing functionality and is nothing more than a tweak to the CSS in order to better display the number of “out of date” plugins in your main WP Admin menu.

Currently the number appears as plain text alongside the menu item “Plugins”, but with this update the number of plugins for which upgrades are available displays in the same style as the number of Comments awaiting moderation, ie the number is highlighted in red.

To read more about this plugin, please visit the main Admin Drop Down Menus page.


The plugin continues to be offered in 2 flavours. For downloads, installation and usage instructions:

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