Genesis Breadcrumbs – Custom Post archive crumb is not clickable

You are using the excellent Genesis Framework from StudioPress, you have set up a Custom Post Type but – when viewing a single Custom Post Type post – you notice that the Genesis Breadcrumb trail shows the Custom Post Type as plain text, rather than as a clickable link.

For example, the Genesis Breadcrumb trail displayed on a single post in your “Books” Custom Post Type shows this:

Home / Books / An Interesting Book Post

Whereas what you want (or expect) to see is this:

Home / Books / An Interesting Book Post

The fix is very simple – you need to ensure that your have set has_archive to true in the arguments for your register_post_type() function.

Basically, if you don’t set has_archive to true, then your Custom Post Type doesn’t have an archive, and therefore the Genesis Breadcrumb archive “crumb” only shows as plain text.

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  1. Hi,
    Where do I make this edit? Appearance, editor, theme functions?

  2. Thanks, that worked for me.

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